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Our camera equipment is state of the art. We don’t use cellphone cameras or cheap SLRs and we have the industries best telephoto and wide-angle lenses to capture all the action and the players' reactions. We've been capturing children's sport experiences for close to 5 years now and our popularity is growing because all our customers receive a CD-ROM disc containing high resolution images of their children, which they can print additional copies of, using the photo finishing company of their choice. Rather than pay the inflated photographer rates to get 8x10s, 11x17s, or even posters printed, our customers can take their disc anywhere and pay a lot less because they’ve bought the digital images.

Is it play-off time and is your child playing for the championship? Why not let us capture that game and all the action. From the start of the game to the moment when your child lifts up that Cup, everything captured digitally for you to share and print on your very own CD-ROM disc. All this and our prices are very reasonable too! You won't need to break the bank or remortgage your house just to remember your child's sports experience. Because at Graphic Jedi Photography & Design it's our business to make you look good!

Package C (Action Shots Only):
$25* per person
(*Minimum 8 players per team wanting action shots required)
Our photographer will come out to a game of your choice and photograph the 8* or more players in a live game situation using a high powered telephoto action lens. Each paid participant will receive a CD-ROM disc containing over 100 action shots of the paid players in high resolution format for personal printing and sharing on the Internet. **Great way to capture that championship game**

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